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№12 Five Exciting Things to Do on Rainy Days

Rain can put quite a disappointing dampener on all our plans for the day, especially during the summer and the spring seasons when all we look forward to is enjoying nature’s beauty at its finest. However, you can always make the best of what you’re dealt with. Rainy days are great to get things done if you’ve been procrastinating for a while – cleaning your home, reorganizing the closet, or even starting a diamond painting project. Do something entirely different on rainy days. If you’re unable to get anything productive done on the next rainy day, here are some incredibly fun activities that you can do like having a day of gaming-filled fun with your family or building a fun...

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№11 How Long Will You Take To Complete A Diamond Art Painting?

The last few years have seen a surge in interest in diamond art paintings, where people use diamond beads to make mesmerizing masterpieces. If you’re looking to enter this fascinating world but are unaware of the effort, commitment, and time that a project will require, don’t be intimidated – we’ve got all the information you need! After completing a brilliant painting, you can either add it as part of your home décor or gift it to your friends and family as a token of your love and appreciation for them.   How Much Time Will It Take A Complete A Diamond Art Painting? The amount of time you’ll need to devote to a diamond painting project may fluctuate, depending on how...

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№ 9. How Should I Clean My Diamond Painting Drills?

If you’ve only recently started your diamond art journey, you may have observed your tools becoming sticky and oily over time. But don’t worry – this is bound to happen if you’re someone who uses their tools often. There are numerous methods that can help clean your tools within minutes, thus allowing you an irritation-free painting experience. However, you might have to change your diamond painting drills and certain other accessories since they get worn out over time. For now, our recommendation is to keep multiple spares of every tool you own in your inventory, thus ensuring that you’re not stuck cleaning an oily, dirty drill amid a productive painting session. Clean your tools regularly to prevent dust and dirt...

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№10 How To Set Up The Best Diamond Art Painting Studio

Are you a crafty person who’s passionate about finding new fun projects all the time? You’ve probably thought about having your very own art studio at home. A high-quality art project may take days or even weeks to be completed. Having your supplies all over the place may make your house feel unorganized and messy. Keeping your art stuff in random spots around your house also raises the odds of your tools and materials becoming damaged or lost. Even if your current place of residence is small, there are many amazing ways to integrate a full-fledged art studio into your house. We’ve also offered several techniques here that can keep your diamond painting accessories and crafting supplies at easy-to-find locations...

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№ 8. 4 Tips to Help You Determine the Ideal Size of Your Diamond Painting

A complete newbie to the exciting world of diamond art painting will have a ton of questions on their mind – what tools do I need? How long does it take to complete a project? What’s the best diamond painting size? All of these are common questions asked by people entering the field of diamond art paintings for the first time. While some answers might be subjective, we’ve offered several guidelines on our website that’ll help you select the diamond painting that’s right for you. When you buy a diamond painting kit from us, we provide every material that you’ll need, including colored beads, wax, drills, and the applicator tool. As you grow and evolve, you might start purchasing extra...

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