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№ 8. 4 Tips to Help You Determine the Ideal Size of Your Diamond Painting

A complete newbie to the exciting world of diamond art painting will have a ton of questions on their mind – what tools do I need? How long does it take to complete a project? What’s the best diamond painting size? All of these are common questions asked by people entering the field of diamond art paintings for the first time. While some answers might be subjective, we’ve offered several guidelines on our website that’ll help you select the diamond painting that’s right for you. When you buy a diamond painting kit from us, we provide every material that you’ll need, including colored beads, wax, drills, and the applicator tool. As you grow and evolve, you might start purchasing extra accessories to serve as backups. However, your new diamond painting kit will generally have everything that you’ll require. Let’s take a look at how to determine the best size for your first ever diamond art painting.


What’s the Best Diamond Art Painting Size?

This is a highly subjective question that has no correct answer – it all comes down to what your expectations are. For instance, if you’re a beginner, we suggest that you start out with small paintings since they’ll require less time and resources. It will serve as a fine introduction to the world of diamond art painting as well. You avoid having to commit to a huge, detailed project for weeks on end. As the size of the painting increases, you’ll need more diamonds for creating your art masterpiece. If you’re an absolute beginner, stick to projects below 12 in x 12 in like this Mystic Moon DIY Kit.


How Should You Pick Your Diamond Art Painting?


Where Will Your Painting Be Displayed?

In case your plan is to hang the finished painting on the walls of your house, ensure that the canvas size fits the space where you’re intending to display the painting. Choosing artwork for your house can be a fun, entertaining task that adds to the brilliance of your home’s interior design, thus showing off your design style. You should also measure the place where you’re looking to install your art painting and decide if the project is too small or too big for it. Ensure that the painting isn’t surrounded by a lot of empty white space. If a diamond painting under the size of 12-inch x 12 inch feels too small, consider installing it in another area or opt for a bigger painting that’ll go better with the space.



What Kind of Time Can You Afford to Spend?


Though diamond art painting tends to be a calming and fun activity, it may seem time-consuming as well since there’s a need to place every diamond bead individually at the right spot in order to develop a captivating and brilliant mosaic image. The time you’ll have to spend per project comes down to the size of the painting and amount of detail to it along with the frequency with which you’re prepared to work on it. We recommend setting aside a certain amount of time every week during which you can make steady progress in your paintings. If you’re fine with spending weeks or even months on a single project, go for bigger pieces of art. But if you only want to tackle something small and simple like the Beautiful Dandelions Painting, stick to small sizes to finish paintings at a rapid pace.


What Level of Detail Is Required for The Painting?

The time required to finish a diamond art project is significantly impacted by the level of detail needed. If you’re trying to experiment with a diamond project that’s bigger than 12 inches x 12 inches, go for designs that aren’t overly detail-oriented like the Surf Shop DIY Painting. While a bigger project will always need more time, you’ll find it easier to finish the project if the painting has areas reserved for a single color instead of multiple small shapes or lines of varied colors. Just don’t forget to pay attention to areas where the color undergoes a change.


Are You Finishing Your Painting on Your Own or With Friends?


The best thing about diamond art painting is that you’re completely free to do it either with your family/friends or completely on your own. Many studies have proven that crafts and arts can improve your mental health to a great extent by reducing feelings of anxiety and stress, thus allowing you to unwind easily after a hectic day at the office. It’s also a great way to spend time with close friends or family while simultaneously allowing you to complete paintings at a faster pace. You can even go for larger paintings without feeling overwhelmed.



Pick the Diamond Art Project That Feels Right to You


Before you start your very first diamond painting, you may be plagued with questions like ‘What’s the ideal size I should pick?’ There are many factors that need to be considered here. However, the rule of thumb for beginners is to stick to diamond paintings that are under 12 inches x 12 inches, which will let you experience the world of diamond painting without feeling intimidated. It will allow you to enhance and upgrade your skills, thus enabling you to try your hand at larger, detail-oriented paintings in time.