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№4 7 common mistakes in diamond painting (tips on how to avoid them)

There’s probably no one who hasn’t made even a single mistake during their diamond painting adventures (If you’re someone like that, you’re probably a God)

Maybe you wound up removing the cover at once, which caused your glue to dry up. Perhaps your furry kitten rolled all over the canvas. Regardless of what happened, that’s perfectly fine – you’re only human.

Here is a list containing the seven most frequently reported Diamond Painting mistakes that people often make. We’ll also let you know how you can avoid them, thus helping you learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you.

  1. Not Wiping the Painting Down Prior To Sealing It

Before sealing completed canvas, ensure that you utilize moist towels or wet wipes for cleaning your painting properly. You should remove dirt or dust first before you apply sealant. Otherwise, you might wind up with annoying dust clumps on your paintings.

  1. Allowing your pets to get far too near the canvas

There’s nothing that says you need to banish your pets while you work on your diamond paintings. However, just ensure that they do not jump onto your canvas and spoil exposed sticky areas. You will need to spend a lot of time removing hair from your canvas if that happens.

Tip – If you want to remove paper, hair, etc. from the canvas, use a moist towelette or wipes for cleaning the affected areas.

  1. Placing Your Drinks and Food Near Your Workspace

There’s no problem with grabbing a quick snack when you work on your Diamond Paintings (Most of us can’t get through diamond paintings without a snack, I must say!) However, ensure that you don’t place any drinks or food on the canvas since that could spill and ruin your canvas.

Tip – If you want to remove liquid from the canvas, you could blow-dry the canvas on very low heat for resolving the situation. In case any spots lose their stickiness, you can always dab some fabric glue to restore the stickiness.

  1. Not Shutting Diamond Containers When You Work

Once you’ve finished pouring the diamonds out, you should always close the storage containers and diamond piles. Make all efforts to avoid diamonds from sticking to the canvas unnecessarily.

  1. Resting the Arm on The Canvas

Ever had to unpeel the forearm from the canvas? Here’s what you do to avoid that – Take a parchment paper section that is big enough, based on your hand and its side. Lay it down in such a manner that your hand does not stick unnecessarily to your canvas. You will also be able to move as you please. It’s an awesome strategy!

  1. Placing the Diamonds Improperly

You might find yourself in the zone and not realize that an entire section contains diamonds of the wrong color. It can be a terrible mistake.

To avoid making such mistakes, here’s something you can do – in case you rotate the painting while working on it, rotate the sorter accordingly as well. This way, you won’t wind up mixing similar symbols.

  1. Unwrapping the Entire Cover In A Single Go

While you might be tempted to simply peel the canvas cover entirely in one go for taking a look at the design underneath it, remember that doing so can leave your canvas exposed to things like dirt, dust, or animal fur, which can cause the diamonds to stick improperly. Your canvas may even get dry before you start working on them!

For avoiding such a mistake, remove the cover & work on the painting online in specific rectangular sections. It can also reward you with a feeling of satisfaction when you complete each section.