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№5 7 Diamond Painting Tricks You've Definitely Never Thought Of

We’re absolutely crazy about diamond painting! There is nothing like the feeling of unboxing a diamond painting kit, assorting your tools and canvas, and then spending time putting them on the canvas for making a gorgeous and attractive masterpiece.

Thankfully, we aren’t alone in this. Therefore, we at Diamond Painting Company make it a point to share tricks, tips, and other important secrets that can help you work on your diamond painting in a much better fashion. Trust us, you will not approach diamond painting the same way again once you’ve gone through our resources.

We’ve taken input from hundreds of different customers and readers to compile a list of the best diamond tips & tricks. Keep reading to learn more!


  1. Utilize egg cartons for organizing the diamonds

Do you have any unused egg cartons lying around? You can utilize this container for organizing the diamonds neatly.


  1. Glue or tape the diamonds near their symbols on the painting canvas

This can help you figure out what diamonds you require at just a glance! Ain’t that great?

  1. Utilize markers for writing a symbol or number of the diamond bags.

Not a fan of egg cartons? You can use plastic Ziploc bags, which come as part of your kit for sorting the diamonds neatly. You can also write corresponding symbols or numbers on the bag’s exterior.


  1. Place your canvas on a handy cutting board, which has a really flat surface

 If you’re unable to find any good surface for placing your canvas on, simply tape your canvas to your cutting board from the kitchen. Ensure you wash it properly first though, eh?


  1. Use multi-diamond applicator tools for speeding up the entire process

 Don’t not waste time picking up diamonds one by one. Most of the diamond painting kits we supply have double sided tools, which can be used for picking diamonds, either individually or en masse.


  1. Flatten the canvas using your bodyweight

 How? Just sleep on it, buddy! Place the canvas between two cardboard pieces and place it underneath your mattress. Leave it that way throughout the night and all its creases and wrinkles will have vanished! You can also use this technique after completing your painting and ensure that all diamonds have been stuck well.


  1. Eliminate static cling using dryer sheets

 Don’t you get annoyed when the diamonds start sticking to everything, except for the canvas? The solution is simple – Just cut up some dryer sheets and place them inside the containers that you’re using for storing the diamonds.

Absolute life-saver, I must say!