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№7. Quick Tips: 5 Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

A few months ago, I was in a full state of panic – I had to go on a cruise soon but was only midway through my Diamond Painting project at the time.

I must confess – I’m addicted to Diamond Paintings. There was no way I would survive for 2 weeks without working on my diamond paintings.

It was in this state that I started searching for ways to lug my giant partly-finished project along with me.

Thankfully, I had the right accessories and prep needed for traveling safely along with my painting kit. I was often stopped by people who wanted to know what I had with me. Made me feel like a legit celebrity, I must admit 😊

Well, I’m not teasing you any further. Here are a few easy tricks you can use for lugging around your treasured, partly-finished diamond paintings during your travels with ease.

  1. Utilize spill-proof diamond vials


While the containers you normally use for storing diamonds are great if you want to use them at home, they aren’t useful for traveling at all.

What you need are spill-proof diamond container vials that have caps, which can be screwed on tightly. This will help you stave off the threat of diamond spills.

For transporting these vials, you will also require a durable premium carrying case along with foam inserts and a zipper, which will lock everything perfectly.



  1. Utilize Puzzle Carriers for Storing Your Canvas


Puzzle carriers are a blessing, straight from heaven! Go to Amazon this very instant and get yourself some Puzzle Carriers, which can be used for storing your canvas away from potential harm.

Although some carriers have flimsy cardboards, we suggest using carriers that have roll-up mats and inflatable tubes, which will ensure that your diamonds don’t get scattered everywhere.

When you roll your canvas, ensure your diamonds face outwards. Rolling up the canvas with the diamonds faced inwards will cause your canvas to accumulate creases.

Bonus – Looking for a DIY method? You can make your very own Puzzle Carriers by using large rubber bands, a pool noodle, and a thick felt sheet. Let your imagination rule, mate!


  1. Use A Handy Art Portfolio Case For Transporting Your Canvas


In case you aren’t really keen on using puzzle carriers for transporting your canvas, you can also go for Art Portfolio cases. These nifty carrying bags tend to be lightweight and water-resistant, making them a great choice for people who have small kits.


  1. Bring Small Diamond Painting Kits During Your Travels


We recommend that you only travel with small canvas paintings, which aren’t bigger than 50 x 75 cm. It’s not practical to haul your massive XXXXXL painting kit during your travels. You might even have the time to complete them. Small is better, in such cases.


  1. Do Not Spend Your Entire Vacation Diamond Painting

Don’t forget the fact that you’re going on a vacation. While there’s no harm in spending some time relaxing with your diamond painting, also do stop and take in the sights and wonders around you during your vacation. Your diamond painting will always be waiting for you at home.