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№6. 9 More Diamond Painting Tricks You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Regardless of whether you’re just an excited beginner or an expert on diamond paintings, there are a number of things to be learned when it comes to Diamond Painting.

These nine diamond painting tips are completely unique and unknown to most people. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled them from a number of different sources to present these tips that can boost your diamond painting skills to a whole new level.

  1. Eliminate static cling by using Static Guard Fabric Spray

If your diamonds are clinging to each other all the time, blast some Static Guard Fabric Spray onto these diamonds to reduce the problem.

Alternatively, you can also use normal dryer sheets for ensuring that your diamonds don’t cling to each other anymore.


  1. Break diamond clumps up by using two trays

You don’t need any surgical skills for separating diamonds, which have melded together. All you need are 2 diamond trays, which you’ve already got around you. Place them on each other & press them down on the diamond clumps – They separate with a ‘POP’ sound.

If you have any annoying diamond clumps, which aren’t coming apart even after squeezing them, start rubbing the trays repeatedly until they’re unable to resist anymore.

  1. Utilize nail polish remover for removing the legend.

If you’ve framed enough diamond paintings, you know how annoying it can be to see the painting’s legend on the frame or the mat’s sides. While most people don’t notice it, it will keep bothering you to no end. In such cases, utilize acetone or nail polish removers for removing this diamond legend along with other writing. You can frame it later without any such annoyances.


  1. Utilize an iPad for seeing the canvas symbols in a clear manner

If you’ve got an unused or old iPad in your house, you can utilize its Flashlight app for illuminating the canvas as you work on your diamond paintings. You can also simply open a blank webpage for this purpose and light up the entire painting.

  1. Use puzzle roll-up mats for taking the diamond painting kit during your travels

Don’t feel like it’s a vacation if you can’t do diamond paintings? Well, there’s no need to cut your vacation short to feed your addiction – just utilize a normal puzzle carrier for transporting your paintings.

People with less money and more space can just tape their diamond paintings between 2 foam board pieces and carry them around.


  1. Seal your completed canvas to enhance its longevity

If you’ve completed the diamond painting, it’s time to ensure that it looks just as beautiful as when you first completed it. Just apply a Mod Podge coating for locking the diamonds in their places. It will help your painting retain its pristine beauty for a long time.



  1. Speed up your container refills by using Double-sided Dry-Erase Tape

Refilling diamond containers is a boring process, especially if you’re a fan of large paintings. While you may have symbols on the vials, the diamond bags might not have any symbols on them.

What’s the solution then? Use some Dry-Erase Tape & multi-colored markers for putting the color, DMC code & symbols on the lids of the containers.


  1. If you have large areas that use a single color, go for the ‘Checkerboard Technique’

Tired of using a single color for large areas? Keep mixing things up & ensure your rows are straight by using the ‘Checkerboard Technique’.

All you need to do is place diamonds in every alternate box. You can go back later for filling in these spaces. It can get you a satisfying and rewarding ‘click’ whenever you fill these blank spaces.



  1. Utilize baby wipes for fixing damaged canvases

Did you just accidentally drop something on your painting canvas? Simple dampen the affected area using baby wipes and remove the crud. Allow your canvas some time to dry properly before you continue the project.