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№11 How Long Will You Take To Complete A Diamond Art Painting?

The last few years have seen a surge in interest in diamond art paintings, where people use diamond beads to make mesmerizing masterpieces. If you’re looking to enter this fascinating world but are unaware of the effort, commitment, and time that a project will require, don’t be intimidated – we’ve got all the information you need! After completing a brilliant painting, you can either add it as part of your home décor or gift it to your friends and family as a token of your love and appreciation for them.


How Much Time Will It Take A Complete A Diamond Art Painting?

The amount of time you’ll need to devote to a diamond painting project may fluctuate, depending on how detail-oriented it is and the painting’s size. If a painting is more detailed, you’ll need to add and pay close attention to more intricacies. However, the speed eventually comes down to you. You may choose to work at it all at once or in parts.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy project that can be completed within 3 days, look into smaller beginner-friendly paintings with a size no more than 12.6” x 16.5”, like the Golden Surface of a Lake Painting. You can also gather your friends or family members and work with each other to create a magnificent work of art do over the weekend. While a bigger size, such as a 16” x 20” painting like the Purple Roses painting might take an extra day, none of them will take more than 7 days. But if you’re seeking to set a challenge for yourself, go for a bigger 22” x 28” painting, which will take you at least 7 – 10 sessions, if you’re working with your friends. The amount of time it will take is highly subjective since people have different schedules to follow. Some people cannot work for more than 30 minutes on their paintings in a week. But others might stay up day and night until it has been completed in all its glory. It comes down to your individual motivation, if we’re being honest. However, a diamond painting generally takes anywhere between 2 – 9 hours.


What To Do With Your Diamond Art Painting Projects?

Adorn your walls with magnificent diamond art paintings

Most people become hooked to the joy and fun that diamond art paintings can offer them on the very first go itself. However, what if you have a whole collection of stunning diamond art paintings? It’s time to make an art collage! Select a wall that can be redecorated to your taste and hang your diamond masterpieces on it, along with some decorative elements for pulling it all together, like shelves with knickknacks and photos or hanging plants. You can be a bit choosy when it comes to selecting the projects you’re going to display. Try to create a solid theme that makes each individual diamond painting stand out from the rest.Go For large scale paintings 

If you want a challenge or a time-intensive project, we recommend going for large-scale diamond art paintings like the Supermassive Snowflake Mandala painting. These projects require more time though, not solely because of their larger size but also due to their detail-oriented appearance, which needs extra precision. If you’re a newbie to the world of diamond art paintings, we recommend that you begin with a small painting to get a handle on things. Small-sized projects can be completed in a day or two but large-scale projects may take weeks or even months, depending on the amount of time you have to spare per session and how often you’re prepared to work on them. A large size diamond painting will look amazing on an empty wall in your house and be the perfect addition to a blank stairway.


Gift it to Your loved Ones

Maybe you don’t have enough space to store your diamond paintings. Maybe you want to gift something homemade to your friends. Either way, finished diamond paintings make for excellent presents. It’s not just the fact that they’re unique, there’s also an added value to the fact that you invested your time and effort into making something special for your loved ones. If you’re going to gift a diamond painting, ensure that the gift is related to something the recipient holds close to their heart. The painting must also match their house theme. If you want to pull out all stops, either have it framed professionally or frame it on your own before gifting the painting.


Complete Diamond Art Projects as A Way to Relax Yourself

You don’t have to put yourself under pressure to complete your project. Work at a leisurely pace and pick a size that doesn’t intimidate you at all. A diamond art newbie should kick things off with smaller paintings before starting larger, more intricate paintings. Find yourself an art project that appeals to your senses and get started on this amazing journey!