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№ 9. How Should I Clean My Diamond Painting Drills?

If you’ve only recently started your diamond art journey, you may have observed your tools becoming sticky and oily over time. But don’t worry – this is bound to happen if you’re someone who uses their tools often. There are numerous methods that can help clean your tools within minutes, thus allowing you an irritation-free painting experience. However, you might have to change your diamond painting drills and certain other accessories since they get worn out over time. For now, our recommendation is to keep multiple spares of every tool you own in your inventory, thus ensuring that you’re not stuck cleaning an oily, dirty drill amid a productive painting session. Clean your tools regularly to prevent dust and dirt build-up as well.


Diamond Painting Drill Issues

Frequent use of tools like diamond painting drills, beads, and tweezers is known to make them oily and sticky as you need to use these tools with wax to pick and place the beads on your paintings precisely. Oily tools and sticky hands can make it difficult for you to enjoy this relaxing hobby. If you’re searching for ways to clean your favorite diamond painting drills, it’s possible that they’ve already started giving you immense trouble. Try to get the dirt, dust, and oil off the drills and make sure you clean them on a regular basis, which will make sure they don’t become too sticky or oily later on. This will ensure an amazing experience while completing a masterpiece like Almond Blossom by Vincent van Gogh.


How Should I Clean My Diamond Painting Drills?


Wipe Down Your Drills

If the drills you own are moderately oily, simply wiping them down might work well. While we recommend using baby wipes to clean the excess oil and wax deposited on your tools, wet paper towels with some dish soap in them will also work wonders. Make sure to rinse the tools well after giving them a wipe-down. Allow them to air dry as well, which will prevent moisture from getting trapped in them.


Wash Your Drills Regularly

Do you own drills that cannot be cleaned thoroughly with a simple wipe down? It’s time to get serious about this. Fill a large bowl with lukewarm water and add some sanitizer and dish soap to it. Place your diamond painting drills on your mesh strainer and start lowering them down into the warm water. Let them sit in this mixture for around 30 – 60 minutes, after which you can pull it out. Use fresh water to rinse these drills and dry them on a paper towel or plate till the moisture is all gone from the drills.


Have Spares in Your Inventory

It’s important to make sure you have extra supplies in your inventory before you start a new diamond art painting, thus ensuring you don’t have to hit pause if a tool becomes too difficult to use. Purchase different diamond drill sets, which will ensure that if one set becomes excessively oily or difficult to use, you can simply use another fresh set. However, you need to clean your diamond art painting accessories and drills immediately after usage by scrubbing off the wax residue to ensure the longevity of your tools. We also recommend having extra beads and wax so that you never run out mid-project. There are certain amazing household alternatives such as blu tack, which are a great replacement for wax should you need it.


Cleaning Oily Beads

It’s not just drills – unused beads tend to clump together due to wax and oil too. However, you can deploy the baby wipe technique that we mentioned earlier to salvage your beads and remove the oil that has accumulated on their surface. Use baby wipes to cover your sticky diamond beads and fold them up properly to prevent the diamond beads from slipping out. Rub the baby wipe around and pour the beads into their storage containers. They’ll be back to their original state in no time and adorning magnificent paintings like the Riot of Colors Painting!


Keep Your Accessories Neat and Clean

If you’re a fan of diamond art paintings, it’s crucial to own the right diamond art accessories. You should also learn more about cleaning diamond painting drills. Store your tools in an easily accessible location by using a nifty plastic organizer. Clean your diamond drills regularly using wet towels or baby wipes. Let them dry completely before you use them again. If you’re a serious crafter, we suggest maintaining a collection of different diamond drills so that you don’t get bogged down if you accidentally misplace your diamond drill or forget to clean them properly. Don’t forget to have fun!