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№2 How to Choose Between Round and Square Drill

New to Diamond Paintings? It can be a slightly overwhelming experience to take it all in at first. But we promise you – it's way more fun than anything you’ve ever seen!

There’s no need to be worried. We at Diamond Painting Collector are here to help you as you start this journey with diamond paintings.


This article from DPC (Diamond Painting Collector) will help you learn everything you need to know about round drills and square drills – what they are and how they’re different from each other.

P.S. Are you aware that the word ‘diamond’ is also used to refer to ‘gem’ or ‘resin’?

Square Vs. Round Drill: What's the Difference?

A drill is a term that can help you learn more about the individual diamond’s shape, which you apply to your canvas. In case you find this confusing, simply replace the term ‘drill’ with ‘diamond’.

Round diamonds are round drills. Square diamonds are square drills. That’s what you need to know.

If you’re faced with choosing between round and square drills, you must know that there’s no right answer here. It’s an entirely subjective preference and differs from person to person. Have a go at both diamonds and stick to the one that you find to be the most attractive.

Square Drills or Square Diamonds

  • They create a more complete and fuller-looking diamond painting
  • A square drill diamond looks slightly cleaner compared to a round drill diamond. They can be lined up easily and generate a fuller and attractive mosaic look if you view them from afar.
  • A Square Diamond Snaps into Place – which can be surprisingly enjoyable

  • It is often the tiny little things, which bring you the greatest joy. As you make progress and start filling the gaps in your painting, it makes a highly satisfying snap effect, which can give you an immense sense of happiness and achievement (Sounds dorky, I know, but it’s true!)

Round Drills or Round Diamonds

  • Picking these diamonds up and applying them is an easy and quick affair.
  • A round diamond also sticks better to your diamond pen, which helps you achieve a seamless transition
  • However, the finished paintings don’t feel so ‘complete’

  • The diamonds have a round shape, which makes the gaps between them more visible if you’re standing close to these paintings.

And Now, The Most Important Question – What Do DPC’s Fans Think?

We created a poll, asking our customers to tell us which one they preferred the most. One side won by an overwhelming majority. Can you guess who?

It was the SQUARE side, who had a whopping 383 votes that won, compared to the ROUND drill supporters, who got only 87 votes. However, people twice that number also reported being indifferent to the shape of the diamonds as well.