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№3 The 7 Best Ways To Display Your Finished Diamond Painting

You’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, working to complete your new Diamond Painting masterpiece. After you’ve completed it, one question still remains:

‘How am I going to display this painting now?’

You need to show your amazing diamond paintings to the people around you.

Thankfully, there are a number of options you can use for displaying diamond paintings, based on your imagination and your budget.

After going through feedback and personal experiences submitted by hundreds of delighted customers, we have come up with the top 7 diamond painting display ideas that will take your diamond paintings to the next level.

Quick Note about sealing your painting kit: If the completed painting is a perfect fit for the frame behind its plastic or glass, you don’t need to seal the kit. However, if your diamonds are exposed completely, you do need to seal it before you mount the painting on your walls.

  1. Purchase A Traditional Photo/Picture Frame

Difficulty – Medium

Budget – Low to Medium

No matter what, you can’t really go wrong if you pick standard photo frames for your paintings. For the best price and quality, we suggest picking IKEA, where you can find a huge range of both modern and classic designs.

Bonus Tips:  Purchase a frame that’s closest to your painting’s size. All you need to do now is cut its matte using a ruler and utility knife. Ensure that you cut it straight through! Measure the matte in 3 different places (middle and ends), and mark it properly before you start cutting.

  1. Have the Painting Mounted & Framed by A Professional

Difficulty – Easy

Budget – High

If you go down this road, all you have to do is sit back and relax. The experts will take care of your paintings. Many craft stores maintain an entire section solely dedicated to framing and mounting paintings. Just pick the matte and frame from their catalog of wood designs and colors.

Since this is an expensive option, do check for coupons from both offline and online sources. Michael’s is known for offering coupons that can net you a 20% - 70% discount.

  1. Purchase Frames from Your Local Thrift Shop

Difficulty – Easy

Budget – Low

Who knows what ornate frames are hiding at your local thrift shop! Do some treasure hunting to find beautiful, affordable secondhand frames that match the size of your diamond painting.

  1. Utilize Poster Frames For Presenting Your Paintings

Difficulty – Easy

Budget – Medium

If you want it to less amateurish, you can grab some standard poster frames from a local hobby or craft store.

A poster frame is ideal for framing a large diamond painting. You can purchase them from Target or Walmart, for less than $25. Simply open these frames and install your diamond paintings behind the frame’s plastic (A poster frame isn’t glass – it’s plastic).

Ensure you fold the borders around to make it go behind the painting before putting its back on. This way, your painting’s exposed borders can remain solid white. Simply place the frame’s back on properly. That’s all you need to do!

  1. Mount the Painting onto A Cardboard or Foam Board

Difficulty – Medium

Budget – Low

You’ll need to do some measuring & cutting to execute this technique. Go to your preferred craft shop and get yourself a handy foam board.

For creating a borderless, flat painting, you can utilize box cutters for reducing this foam board’s size, making it equal to the size of your canvas (don’t include the borders of the canvas here). You can glue the painting on the foam board next, ensuring that it’s properly centered. Make sure that only its borders are hanging off.

You can fold all the borders of the painting over the foam board’s back and glue it down firmly, thus ensuring that the foam board and canvas are attached tightly to each other.

Bonus Tip – You can use oak tag for cutting up a border, which can be used for your painting. You can mount it on the foam board to achieve a ‘framed look’. You can also use some colorful tape for spicing up the borders. Simply tape the canvas on the board after you do this.

  1. Use Stretcher Bars on Your Completed Canvas

Difficulty – Medium

Budget – Low

If you’d like to mount your painting using a DIY method, get yourself a couple of nifty Stretcher Bars. These instructions aren’t difficult at all and can help you mount your gorgeous painting with some increased depth.

Bonus Tip – Purchase a size that’s around 5 cm shorter compared to the canvas. This will give you enough room for wrapping it properly. Diamonds that are wrapped around your painting’s borders – Now, that’s a cool sight!

  1. Glue the Diamond Painting onto A Pre-Stretched Blank Canvas

Difficulty – Low

Budget – Medium

This method involves purchasing a pre-stretched blank canvas from a craft store and just gluing the finished canvas painting onto it. You’ve already done the hard part – there’s no need to staple or stretch it anymore!

Use spray adhesives on the blank canvas and the painting’s back as well. When this glue starts feeling sticky, you can place your painting on this canvas carefully. Smooth it properly as you place it, which can help you remove stray bubbles or wrinkles. Give it 24 hours to dry and it’s good to go!

Bonus tip – Measure the canvas painting after cutting off its borders if you want the perfect fit for placing your painting. In case you do not want large borders on your painting, you can purchase a canvas that comes close to your painting’s measured size.


Here are some tips that can come in handy:
  1. While every suggestion listed here is for wall-to-wall painting frames, you may also fill the blank spaces on the bottom, sides, or the top with small pictures, which are also relevant to the painting. This will work better if it’s a custom painting.
  2. Transform all these options into gorgeous hanging frames – just attach a rope or ribbon to the painting’s frame to do so.

  1. Regardless of whether you’re using a store-bought frame or something else, never forget to glue the frame’s back and the painting together for preventing slippage. Most diamond paintings tend to be quite heavy. They almost always fall down inside the frame when they aren’t attached using double-sided tape or glue.
  2. In case you’re utilizing cardboard or foam boards for mounting your painting kit, use Velcro strips on the painting’s back (along its sides and the top) for affixing the painting to your wall.

And there you go! No matter what you do, you can’t really go wrong with the options listed here for hanging your diamond paintings!